Houtan's Bio

An entrepreneur with nearly two decades of accomplishment-laden experience in the real estate and mortgage industry, Houtan’s expertise centers around brand development and recognition, product launch, market share, distribution, expansion and operations efficiency goals. He brings valuable insight and knowledge regarding leadership and management challenges that riddle start up and growing companies and brands to the table everyday. Recognized as a Top Producer, he has over one billion dollars in origination and has been interviewed by several publications, including VoyageLA, which have identified him as an up and coming professional who is changing the face of the financial services sector and related industries.

Houtan began his career in the electronics industry, focused on sales, marketing and growth. His keen business sense allowed him to take a small electronics store and convert it into a multinational import and export business with a highly credible reputation in the industry. He then founded Crestico, Inc. in 2008 to change the face of real estate and mortgage lending today and for the future, focuses on clients and their needs. In addition to his client-facing expertise, Houtan has grown Crestico from a local neighborhood broker shop to a multi-faceted, multi million dollar organization with several branches, many associate-licensees and voluminous transactions. Focusing on compliance and regulatory issues, Houtan has weathered the storm of regulation changes and revisions throughout the past two decades and has remained relevant and adaptive to the ever changing regulatory landscape. With his recent appointment as President-Elect of CAMP, he intends to further CAMP’s mission with regard to legislative actions. He will work with NAMB (National Association of Mortgage Bankers) to draft and propose changes on both State and Federal levels. His main points of interest are Mid-cap securities markets, SEC tick-size pilot program, ICO offerings, SEC mandated use of Python programming language, credit repository legislation and regulations, mortgage lending, loan origination and short-term lending issues impacted by the Bureau of Consumer Financial Protection and the Dodd-Frank Act.

In addition to being considered an expert on new technologies and their impact on the financial markets and related businesses, Houtan also serves in several other capacities for the community at large, including being an active member of the Woodland Hills Warner Center Neighborhood Council and Southland Regional Association of Realtors, working closely with members throughout local organizations to ensure compliance and communication regarding the ever-changing rules and regulations affecting the mortgage industry.

His expertise has been highlighted in various publications including Yahoo.com and the OC Register and he has been named a “5-star Professional” by Los Angeles Magazine as well as a member of the “100 Million Dollar Club” and the “HOT 100” by Mortgage Professionals of America. Consequently, he is often sought out by industry leaders for his coaching and mentoring, as well as sales coaching services.