Houtan's Bio

Houtan is a distinguished Real Estate and Mortgage Advisor, as well as an Executive at CRESTICO, with nearly two decades of extensive experience spanning both wholesale and retail operations. Serving as President of the California Association of Mortgage Professionals (CAMP) for the term 2022-2023, and fulfilling the role of Treasurer of its North Los Angeles Chapter, he has solidified his influential presence in the industry.

In addition to his professional achievements, Houtan actively engages in local community services and contributes as an author for notable publications such as the Scotsman Guide and National Mortgage News. His commitment to sharing expertise and insights has established him as a trusted voice in the sector. Further affirming his expertise, Houtan is Freddie Mac CreditSmart Certified.

Houtan's client-centric approach to relations is built on attentive listening, integrity, and clear communication. Prioritizing the individual needs and circumstances of each client, he fosters trust and understanding, ensuring a transparent and comprehensible process for all parties involved. This dedication to exceptional service has earned him a reputation for fostering productive and lasting professional relationships.

Adapting to the ever-changing regulatory landscape, Houtan demonstrates remarkable flexibility and compliance within the realms of mortgage lending and real estate. His areas of expertise include navigating mid-cap securities markets, understanding regulatory programs such as the SEC tick-size pilot, and addressing challenges posed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Dodd-Frank Act. Regularly recognized for his expertise, Houtan has been honored as a “5-star Professional” by Los Angeles Magazine, and is a member of both the “100 Million Dollar Club” and the “HOT 100” by Mortgage Professionals of America.

Houtan's entrepreneurial journey began in the electronics industry, where he leveraged his business acumen to expand a small electronics store into a successful multinational operation. In 2008, he founded Crestico, Inc., with a vision of transforming the real estate and mortgage lending landscape through a focus on client needs. Under his leadership, Crestico has grown into a multimillion-dollar enterprise, renowned for its commitment to compliance, client service, and innovation.

Houtan contributes to ensuring adherence to evolving regulations affecting the mortgage industry. His demand as a mentor and coach underscores his profound impact on the industry, as he shares his wealth of knowledge and experience to guide the next generation of professionals. With his leadership, expertise, and unwavering commitment to excellence, Houtan continues to be a pivotal figure in the financial services sector.